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White Leaves, Wall Art, Beautiful Tree, Living Room, Bed Room, Acrylic Glass Print, Lunar Serenity

White Leaves, Wall Art, Beautiful Tree, Living Room, Bed Room, Acrylic Glass Print, Lunar Serenity

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Introducing "Lunar Serenity":

Enter a world where tranquility and mystery intertwine, where a monochrome landscape unveils a serene tree adorned with delicate white leaves against the vastness of a deep blue cosmic backdrop. Behold the captivating allure of "Lunar Serenity," a wall print that invites you to embrace the harmony of simplicity and cosmic wonder.

At the center of this captivating artwork stands a majestic tree, its branches reaching upwards with grace and poise. Against the monochromatic canvas, the tree's silhouette stands in stark contrast, commanding attention and exuding a sense of timeless elegance. Its branches are delicately depicted, while the trunk anchors the tree firmly to the ground, symbolizing strength and grounding.

Surrounding the tree are a multitude of white leaves, like ethereal whispers gently caressed by the cosmic winds. Each leaf is intricately rendered, their delicate forms seemingly weightless against the backdrop of the universe. The white leaves symbolize purity and serenity, imbuing the scene with a sense of calm and tranquility.

Behind the tree, a deep blue space background unfolds, resembling the serene expanse of a midnight sky. The cosmic tapestry is dotted with stars that twinkle in the distance, hinting at the vastness of the universe. This deep blue hue creates a contemplative atmosphere, inviting the viewer to get lost in the enigmatic beauty of the cosmos.

"Lunar Serenity" is a captivating addition to any space, evoking a sense of calm and introspection. Whether it graces the walls of a bedroom, a meditation corner, or a study, this wall print serves as a visual sanctuary, allowing for moments of reflection and inner peace. Its monochrome composition, combined with the deep blue cosmic backdrop, creates a soothing atmosphere that invites you to unwind and reconnect with the serenity of nature.


Allow "Lunar Serenity" to transport you to a world where simplicity and cosmic wonder coexist in perfect harmony. Embrace the stillness and tranquility that emanate from this monochrome masterpiece, and let the deep blue space background remind you of the vastness of the universe, sparking a sense of awe and reverence for the beauty that lies beyond our earthly realm.

: Image appears embedded in glass
: Stunning image quality
: Depth of 0.75 inches (1.9cm)
: Second-surface printing directly on ¼” Acrylic
: Ready to hang and floats 1.5” off the wall
: Rounded corners
: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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